How To Properly Use Grass Seeds For Your Lawn

Seeding a lawn needs to be done properly with grass seeds for them to grow into thick green blades of grass that make your lawn look nice and luscious. Of course, there are different types of grass seeds, and you want to pay attention to the different types of grass. You want a uniform lawn, and you want your grass type preference. And, you want to know all the ins and outs of cultivating those seeds.

It should be a no-brainer that you need quality grass seeds, but this is your first step. Once you have gotten your seeds, you want to get the ground ready to plant them. This can be done in different ways. You can use a typical garden hoe, or you can use a tiller and other objects. What you’re doing is loosening the soil so that the seeds can get down in there. You want the seeds to have good contact when it comes to mixing in the soil to start the growing process.

Not only are there different ways to get the soil ready for grass seed, but there are also different ways to spread the seeds. You can simply do so by hand, or you can use a spreader. There are different size spreaders, and you have to take into account the size of your project. How big your lawn, and how much grass seed are you trying to plant?

What do you think the next most important step is to ensure germination occurs, and your lawn starts to grow? It needs water! You’re going to have to make sure, especially as the seeds are first planted, that you water them pretty good each day. Now, back to the beginning when you’re getting your lawn ready for the grass seed.

A tiller is going to often be for those rare projects where the whole lawn has to be planted. You can actually use carpet grass sheets, in that case, but, of course, that would require a lot of money. If your lawn is absolutely barren, then you might want to use a tiller, but most likely, you just need to make sure the seed can get down into the soil.

Most of the grass seed you plant will be in a barren spot, perhaps filling in those gaps in your lawn. This means you can easily see the soil and can turn it up a little so that the seeds can get in there as mentioned earlier. In other words, this step is no problem, and once you have planted them, you know you have to water. But, do you need to fertilize?

You can choose to fertilize your lawn, but it’s not a must. It is recommended by many experts, however, and you also need to know the best time of the year to plant grass seed. Focus on keeping those weeds away as well and a good way to take care of fertilizing and weeding your lawn at the same time is that big bag of weed and feed.