Cleaning Diesel Fuel

Diesel Fuel Polishing – How To Reuse Fuel

Diesel fuel is used for many different reasons. A lot of trucks use it in replacement of traditional gas that goes into cars and many different types of businesses and residential homes use it to power backup generators. One of the problems with the diesel fuel that is used in backup generators is that it sits in the tank for a long period of time without being used. Over time, the fuel collects debris and water that taints the fuel and can make it unusable. It is important to check the quality of the diesel fuel in your tank system regularly to ensure that when you need your backup generator to kick in, it will work properly.

diesel generator being polishedBecause of the cost of diesel fuel, the replacement of tainted fuel can be pretty expensive. Fortunately, diesel fuel can be cleaned, so you can save yourself a lot of money if you know the process or find an affordable company to perform the cleaning service for you.

Diesel fuel can be cleaned with the following process:

First, you need to determine the current condition of the fuel. A professional diesel fuel management company can test the fuel to measure the contamination levels.

Next, you need to find a way to perform high speed filtration for your fuel. The speed of the filtration will depend on the size of the tank that is holding your diesel fuel.

The third step is to polish the most contaminated fuel. The fuel at the bottom of your tank is the fuel that will be the most contaminated as time goes on. This fuel is put through a series of filtration systems to make sure that it is polished.

The fourth step you will need to take is to retest the fuel for contamination. This will help you determine if more filtration and polishing needs to be done in order to bring the fuel back to a premium quality.

The next step is to perform some chemical corrections. A professional diesel fuel manager will be able to bring the fuel to its highest quality with additives. These additives may even bring your fuel to a higher quality than when you first put it into your tank.

The final step that many companies take is to do a final test to make sure that the fuel is up to industry standards and will function properly when it needs to.

A premium diesel fuel management company will check your tank for any issues that could cause unnecessary contamination in the future. The company will also send someone out for a follow-up to make sure that the fuel is ready to perform when needed. To learn more about how the cleaning of fuel can make your company more energy efficient, visit the Diesel Fuel Polishing Services site, or find a reputable company in your area for an estimate. The cost of the service is easily paid for by the savings you will see cleaning fuel rather than replacing it.