How to Buy Blood Bank Plasma Refrigerators

Have you ever imagined what happens to blood donated to hospitals before it is used?
Donated blood is very crucial in modern medicine, and the importance of storing donated blood in the short-term and long-term cannot be overemphasized. This is where blood bank refrigerators come in. Blood bank plasma refrigerators help to store blood and plasma at temperatures ranging from 2 ° C and 6 ° C. This is done so that there is a steady supply of blood in case of emergency transfusions. Unlike regular freezers used in houses, restaurants, and hotels, medical freezers and refrigerators can produce low levels of temperature and maintain this low temperature for longer time periods, which is not usually possible with standard freezers and refrigerators.

blood-bagWithout these kinds of refrigerators, it would be tough to access blood in cases of emergency surgeries that requires transfusion of blood. This is because blood donors with matching blood types are not readily available, hence the need for blood refrigerators to store all types of blood and make it available when the need arises. Blood bank refrigerators make use of strict security measures making it extremely difficult to tamper with.

Blood Bank Storage

Having a quality Blood Bank Storage can go a long way not just to save a life but also to protect lives. This is indeed a modern technology in the medical field that has saved a countless number of lives. Blood bank refrigerators are designed to cater for the particular specifications of blood banking and processing applications. They usually act as the key storage facility for all refrigerated blood products that are received in the blood-bank. Blood bank refrigerators come fitted with alarm systems that alerts of any critical deviations in temperature (over or under temperature shift). They also come with chart recorders that track blood conditions for permanent records.

Most blood bank refrigerators also feature healthy temperature controls. For instance, a portable blood bank refrigerator is capable of storing blood at relatively low temperatures for a few days on battery alone. There are many manufacturers of Blood bank refrigerators, and it is important that you look out for a brand that meets your specific needs before buying it.

Blood Bank Freezer Specifications

Before buying your blood refrigerator or freezer, it is important to take the following into consideration:
1. You must consider the warranty. Like, what it includes and for how long. Also, you must check to see if anything will void the warranty.
2. With the ongoing Green Revolution, you must ask the company to provide details on energy efficiency to ascertain how Green the product is. This is crucial in keeping with requirements of laws on energy efficiency.
3. Depending on the size of your lab or the level of donations you receive, you must be clear about the degree of sample capacity you are getting for your space.
4. To make sure you get the right temperature, you must consider the optimal voltage or wiring conditions for running the fridge.
As straightforward and familiar as the above points are, it is important that you take them seriously as they go a long way to saving you time, energy and resources.