How to Become a Forensic Science Technician?

Forensic Science Technicians are responsible for investigating crimes. They collect data and analyze physical evidences. They are specialized in various areas such as firearm examination, DNA analysis, etc. They also perform tests on substances and weapons like fiber, body fluids, tissue, hair, glass, etc for determining their significance to investigation. They prepare reports for documenting [...]

How Forensic Technology Helps to Nab a Criminal?

In the common knowledge of the term forensics or forensic science refers to the technology and scientific process that is used for investigating a crime or criminal act or for answering valid questions of inquiry in a legal battle. Before we begin our discussion regarding how forensic technology helps to nab a criminal we must [...]

Best Forensic Science Technician Degree Programs

Forensic science is the professional discipline of scientific investigation of crime in relation to various material evidences which are left behind after the incidence of a criminal act. In most of the crime cases it is considered to be one of the most crucial process of investigation for having a grasp on the chronology of [...]

7 Easy Ways to Secure Your Own Personal Computer

Living modern way anyway is not possible without computers as present age is devoted to binary and digital simulations and gadgetry and a personal computer is the most living example of that modern phenomenon of technology that has become integral to everyone’s life. However, to remain part of this technology revolution this is very necessary [...]

How to Choose the Forensic Science Degree for You

Career in forensic science provides great opportunity to one in social as well as professional arena. Therefore one set himself for a career option from wide range of choices like ATF Agent, Criminologist, Custom Agents, DEA agents and Forensic Science at large. Therefore, for choosing career in forensic science one needs to take care of [...]

Top 4 Social Media Sites for Scientists

Science is dynamic meaning that the science of the 20th century is not the science that we shall rely on in the 21st. in this light; various scientists have to work round the clock to keep science up to date with the needs of these age and time. To do this, these scientists need to [...]

The top forensic schools

Those concerned in criminology may want to consider the field of Forensic Science. Forensic scientists assist other law enforcement officials in solving criminal cases by conducting research and analyzing physical evidence from crime scenes. Many specialize in DNA analysis, tests and reports. Some types of evidence they work with include hair, weapons and bodily fluids. [...]